Losing weight is not as easy as so many people may think. This has led to more and more introduction of new products in the market, but the question is do these products work? One of these products is the PhenQ weight loss pills and the question about whether the pills work or not still remain as a puzzle to many. Normally, the effectiveness of the weight loss pills is usually determined by the ingredients used, their percentage and their level of effectiveness. To answer all your Questions, i am going to take you through the product, how it works and some of the ingredients used and how they work towards weight loss. Just take a look.

How it Works.

PhenQ is a dietary weight loss pill from PhenQtm which comes in a pack of 60 capsules. The product is recommended to be taken in the morning together with breakfast and during lunch time. This is because the product contains caffeine which is associated with sleep disorders. The product achieves its purpose by inhibiting more fat production in the body which is associated with weight gain. On the other hand, the pill burns all the excessive fat in the body as well as restraining the appetite thus cutting down more fat storage.

Ingredients Used In PhenQ

1.15.5mg Capsimax Powder.

This is an amalgamation of black pepper, capsicum and caffeine which help in fat burning process.

2.20mgs Nopal.

Due to its high fiber content, Nopal helps n reducing the appetite as well as supply of more energy to the body for excess fluid drainage from the tissues.

3.625mgs Calcium Carbonate.

Help in fat burning by reducing the chances of the body to long for more food where the body is forced to use the available fats without storing more. By so doing the excessive fats are eventually burned thus attaining that beautiful body, you ever wanted.

4.150mg L-Carnitine Furmarate.

This is one of the naturally occurring amino acids in vegetables and meat. It promotes fat burning and ensures that more energy supply for the body during the weight loss process.

5. 10mcg Chromium picolinate.

Usually when our bodies starve, the blood sugar level tends to destabilize. To get over this, Chromium is used to ensure that the normal blood sugar levels are maintained.

6.14.25mg Caffeine.

Caffeine is known its stimulating property of keeping the body alert. Also, caffeine helps reduce the appetite which means no excessive intake of foods which may contribute to more weight gain.

Why PhenQ.

- It has no side effects since it is manufactured using natural products.

- Scientifically proven to give the best results.

- Quick results.

-A guarantee of 60 days, which means a refund of your cash if the product does not work.

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